Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The female buzz cut

As Heartiste and others have observed, women getting buzz cuts is a reliable indicator of severe emotional stress. I'm sure this:
Her blonde tresses have become her trademark over the years.  But Kate Hudson revealed she has bid her long locks goodbye on Tuesday as the actress was pictured with a bold new buzz cut while on the set of her new movie, Sister. The 38-year-old star proved her beauty knows no boundaries as she defiantly sat in hair and make up with her striking new hairdo. 
Is totally unrelated to this:

When a woman is replaced by a younger, prettier woman, it is a savage blow to her psyche. In past times, shaving a woman's head was a sign of grief. It still is, it simply isn't usually recognized as such.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stop worrying about campus rape

Universities would do better to concern themselves with campus suicide.
A gifted student hanged herself after 'slowly unravelling' with depression, an inquest heard today. Elsa Scaburri, thought to be the fifth Bristol University student to commit suicide in one year, went 'downhill' during a year of studying modern languages abroad in Italy.

Miss Scaburri, 21, felt 'worthless' and came back to the UK so she could be with her mother in January this year where she was diagnosed with clinical depression.
Of course, it's harder to blame a woman's suicide on men than a woman's rape. And, of course, it's considerably harder to claim that a nonexistent suicide took place.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The children pay the price

No one ever seems to stop and think about the price that the children - many of whom are not merely unattractive, but weird in appearance - pay as a result of their parents proud virtue-signaling and SMV maximizing:
I’m mixed race myself, and have a lot of trouble fitting in with broader society. Being a mullatto is an alienating experience. I’m funny-looking, and my prospects of finding someone I find attractive for a relationship are slim.

As a result, I welcome results like these that fight back against the PC mixed race narrative that leftist scumbags are trying to shove down people’s throats. One theory I have is that people also show a higher degree of disgust or lack of affinity for mixed race children. This would be harder to tease out perhaps than the disgust for interracial couples (though let’s be honest, the disgust over interracial couples stems from the relative lack of fitness of their children). It would be harder to study because some cross breeds tend to fare better than others.

Anyway, my life isn’t so bad. I eagerly await the development of new technologies that can compensate for the lack of simple human relationships I have in my life. I like to think that, if I stick up for what’s right, maybe in the afterlife I’ll be surrounded by people that look like me. Nice dream…
If you want to see real interracial anger, don't look at white men or black women, look at male hapas. Whereas female half-Asians are often deemed more attractive as a result of the additional femininity provided by their Asian heritage, that same factor tends to make male half-Asians smaller, less masculine and less attractive to women than their white fathers, who can seldom empathize with their sons' challenges and experiences.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The female humblebrag

ClarkHat comments on a female scientist wanting to make sure that everyone knows she is married and her colleagues find her attractive:
Tuuli Lappalainen @tuuliel
Dear fellow scientists. The next time you’re going to google for info of the husband or wedding of a female colleague, think again.

Welcome to the Oort‏ @ClarkHat
A woman humble-bragging about how people wonder if she's single is female intrasexual competition.

It's the more sophisticated "feminist" version of the 22yo posting on facebook "why do all these guys at the club stare at me?"

So the hilarious thing is that a thread NOMINALLY about feminists and against evolved heterosexual and status oriented behaviors...

Is in fact an EXAMPLE of that very thing: a high status woman letting medium and low status woman know that she has tits AND brains.
What's moderately amusing is the fact that these women seem to think no one understands what they're doing or why they're doing it... despite the fact that so many of them do it at every given opportunity.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

On male stress

Dr. Helen addresses the seeming dichotomy of men seeking situations which are apparently bad for their health:
Most women think that men cling to traditional male roles because it benefits them. Certainly ascending a professional ladder offers more money, power and status than chugging along on a mommy track. But these perks come at a price. In a recent 15-year survey of married American men and women between the ages of 18 and 32, Christin Munsch of the University of Connecticut found that men typically reported being in the best health during the years they split the burdens of breadwinning with their partners. As these men assumed more financial responsibility relative to their wives, their health and wellbeing declined. Often they suffered from the worst health and the most anxiety when their wives were out of the labour force entirely.
There is no question that being the sole provider for one's family is stressful. It is almost laughable to compare the difference between being young, single, and unencumbered to being middle-aged, married with children, and responsible for everyone. The stress is constant and can only be mitigated, never eliminated. Even when one has more money than one needs, the strain of everyone constantly having a hand out and the decisions that necessitates creates an amount of stress.

But then, the way one builds up one's muscles is to stress one's body. This stress is not to be avoided, or lamented, but rather, utilized. It's also why married men tend to outperform men with fewer responsibilities and less stress.

Granted, one can no more handle too much stress than too much weight. An excess of either can literally kill a man. But that doesn't make it something to be feared, merely respected. Being a man is about more than living as long as humanly possible. And building a family is more than worth the price one pays for the privilege.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2 percent

Who could have ever foreseen this?

Two percent of black men who father children with white women financially support the mother and the child. 98 percent don't. Miss Pegowska rolled the dice and apparently the 1/50 long shot didn't come through for her.

Burn the coal, pay the toll.